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Parlee Digital is a digital marketing agency focused on helping businesses grow. We believe that continued evaluation and iteration of marketing strategies lead to the best results. From launching a new website to creating and managing a digital marketing strategy leveraging a multi-channel approach, Parlee Digital strives for excellence in all that we do.

Parlee Digital’s name derives from Parlee Beach in Shediac, NB, where some of Canada’s most beautiful sunsets can be found. The warm ocean water and persistent waves, have created fine sand which is a perfect representation of the hard work and focused persistence that Parlee Digital strives for its customers.

Shaun Guimond


Shaun began his career in the automotive industry managing digital marketing strategies and the business development center. He transitioned to the Canada Revenue Agency while completing his bachelors in Organizational Management. With expertise in payroll, income tax and sales tax, Shaun helped businesses follow the vast legislation they are required to adhere to.

During this time, Shaun continued to offer his services developing websites, building digital marketing strategies and consulting for business growth until leaving the CRA in 2020 to work full-time on his freelancing. Parlee Digital was incorporated in 2021 by Shaun to broaden the services available to help business grow online.

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