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Registering Your Google My Business Listing

By Shaun Guimond

on Tue Apr 07 2020


For new business ventures, it is important to try and get as much exposure as possible, so you can earn your next customer. For older businesses, even if you haven’t done any digital marketing, contributors to Google, Bing, Yelp, etc… may have already done some of the work for you by adding your listing (it is highly recommended you claim those listings), as such new businesses need to be ahead of the game and create their own Google My Business listing to be seen. Following the few, easy steps below, you’ll have your Google My Business listing up in running in no time.

1. Login or create a Google Account

To create your Google My Business listing you will need to have a Google Account. If you do not have one, you can create one here with help from Google’s Help Center. Once you have a Google Account, go to the Google My Business website at: Click on the Sign In button on the top right of the page, and proceed to login to Google My Business.

2. Registering Your Business Name

Since this tutorial is for new businesses, you’ll want to click on “Add you business to Google” after logging in.

Screen you will see after logging in to your Google Account.

3. Inputting Your Business Name

In the third step, you will be asked your business name. Make sure to spell your business name correctly. Should you decide to change your business name, or you misspelled it, it is possible to change it later.

Google will ask you for your business’s name.

4. Choosing a Business Category

After choosing a business name, it will than you ask you to choose a business category. Keep in mind, you can change the business category, or add more later. As soon as you begin typing, a prompt will pop-up giving you options for categories to select. Try and find the one category that best describes your business’s primary product/service.

Google My Business will ask for you to choose one category during registration.

5. Does Your Business Have a Location Where Customers Can Visit?

If you have a location for customer to visit answer “Yes”, otherwise choose “No”.

Google will then ask you whether your business has a location, such as an office or store, for customers to visit. Answering “Yes”, will prompt Google to ask you for your business’s address. Answering “No”, will proceed to an optional question where you can choose

6. Yes or No. Provide Google with Information On Who You Serve.

a. If you answered “Yes”.

Answering “Yes” to the question of whether you want to provide a location customers can visit will allow you to input your locations address. Once you submit your address, Google will then proceed to ask you whether you serve customers outside of your location. If you answer yes, you will be able to answer the optional question at 6b of this tutorial.

Provide your business’s address for customers to visit.

b. If you answered “No”.

If you answered no, Google will not ask for an address, but will skip to the next question, which is optional, and ask you where you serve your customers. Provide an area if you only serve a specific region. Keep in mind, you can change the business area, or add more later.

Provide an area for your customers to know where you offer your products/services.

7. Provide Your Contact Information

Provide your contact information for your customers and for Google to confirm your business listing.

The last information you will need to provide to register your Google My Business listing is your contact information. Your contact information will be used primarily for your customers to reach you. So, make sure that you provide your phone number, and website if you already have one. If you, don’t you can choose “I don’t need a website” for now. I do not recommend using Google’s free website as they are fairly primitive.

8. Confirmation and Finalization

Once you have completed all the other steps, Google will ask you to confirm your identity. Google may ask to confirm with different information based on the risk they assess for the registration, and the information that you provided during registration. They may try to confirm your identity through mail, phone call or text, if they can. Select the option that you would prefer, keeping in mind that a phone call and a text are the fastest options to have your listing verified.


Congratulations! 👏 at this point, you should have your business registered for a Google My Business listing. It is important to keep in mind that Google will take a few days to validate the verification. As such, it may be a few days before customers begin seeing your business on Google Maps and Google searches. With the registration complete, it is now incredibly easy to claim your Bing Places listing which is the next step we would take here at Parlee Marketing.

If you think this is too complicated for you to do on your own, or you simply which for someone else to take the time to do it for you, please contact us at the form below and we would be happy to complete the registration for you.


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